Needs-Based Scholarship for Diocesan Employees


For the past 36 years, the Catholic Community Foundation is honored to fulfill its mission of facilitating access to Catholic education by providing financial support for the employees of the Diocese of Phoenix, through the Crozier Catholic School Scholarship program. In effort to provide a high level of service, the Foundation conducted a survey to all previous recipients of the Crozier Catholic School Scholarship. The overwhelming response was that this scholarship should be based on financial need and not an automatic grant.

Therefore, to create the largest impact we've changed the criteria to be a needs-based program. Applications for the scholarship should be submitted through FAIR. If you have not done so, go to and click on the "diocesan employee" box towards the end of the application. If you have already submitted a FAIR application, please forward your FAIR application verification to us at We will receive a list of all applicants who have selected the diocesan employee box.

We appreciate all of your feedback which enables us to continue maximizing impact in our Catholic schools.