Catholic Leadership Circle

The Catholic Leadership Circle is an innovative new program from the Catholic Community Foundation. Inspired by a new generation of philanthropists, the Circle is unique- each member is an active participant in the community grantmaking process. By joining together, the Circle magnifies philanthropy into larger, more impactful grantmaking opportunities.

The Catholic Leadership Circle is an opportunity for individuals and couples to become an active member in community grantmaking. By joining together with other members, the circle aims to magnify philanthropy into a more impactful solution.

Each spring all Circle members vote and award grants to under-served needs in Arts & Culture, Evangelization & Sanctity of Life, Health & Wellness, Teacher's Choice & Youth Programs, and Work Among the Poor in the Diocese of Phoenix. Our collective faith, knowledge and experience can lead to extraordinary results!

The Circle provides members with a direct connection to the under-served Catholic causes that inspire them. Each spring organizations with a focus on Education, Health and the Arts will present their needs to the entire Circle. All Circle members vote in the grantmaking process. There are also opportunities to directly connect with causes that speak to Circle members and provide volunteer time, mentorship, influence and resources to these organizations.

Members will make a direct and lasting impact on Catholic causes in need with their time, talents, knowledge and experience. 100% of membership funds are redirected back into the community in the form of grants and all donations are also 100% tax deductible.

The Catholic Leadership Circle is an amazing opportunity to become an active part of community grantmaking, helping to provide solutions for under-served Catholic organizations in the Diocese of Phoenix. Please join us in answering these prayers!