History and Purpose:

Established in 2015, the Crozier Catholic School Scholarship Program aims to make Catholic education accessible and affordable for children of ALL diocesan employees. This transformational program aims to raise the platform, expressing gratitude and strengthening community bonds between those with the capacity and resources and our diocesan employees who collectively have cooked, taught, cleaned-up after, coached and helped to faithfully form our children in schools, parishes and other Catholic organizations.

Currently funded by proceeds from the annual Crozier Gala, the ultimate goal is to establish a permanent endowment fund to ensure these awards in perpetuity.

2018 Thank You

Value and Eligibility:

  • Amount of awards dependent on annual proceeds from Crozier Gala and total number of applicants.
  • Open to children whose parents work full-time (and are eligible for benefits) at any Diocese of Phoenix Catholic school, parish, Diocesan Pastoral Center and its agencies: Catholic Charities, Catholic Cemeteries and Mortuaries, Catholic Community Foundation, Catholic Education Arizona, and Mount Claret Retreat Center.
  • Students must attend or be entering Catholic elementary school or high school in the Diocese of Phoenix (pre-K not eligible) in the year of the award.

*Awards will be announced in mid September and funds will be disbursed directly to the child(ren)'s school. All eligible applicants who complete a full application will receive an award.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Are the grandchildren of grandparents who are diocesan employees eligible?
    Grandparents who are the primary caregiver/guardian of a child may apply if they are raising the child in place of the parents.
  2. Are part-time and contract employees eligible?
    This program was designed to respond specifically to Bishop Olmsted’s concern that many full-time employees of the diocese – especially teachers - are not able to afford to send their own kids to Catholic schools. The scholarship is, in part, a way for others to show how much they value those who work in the Church.

    Part-time and contract employees are genuinely appreciated and valued even though they are not eligible, at this time.