Why Create a Charitable Gift Annuity?

Charitable Gift Annuities are a great way for you to support a charitable organization AND create a more secure future for you and your family, regardless of how the economy fares. Many individuals are unsure how a fluctuating market will impact their investments. That is why a Charitable Gift Annuity makes sense for some, providing the stability needed to create a predictable financial future. There are a number of reasons why you might find a Charitable Gift Annuity attractive. Here are just two reasons for you to consider:

Increase Your CD Income

If you own low-performing CDs that are maturing, you might consider transferring your CDs to the Foundation to fund a Charitable Gift Annuity. The payments will be fixed for life for you, you and a spouse, or another loved one based on the age of the person receiving the payments. The payments will not change even if interest rates or the stock market fluctuates. Our promise to pay is backed by our 37 years of history and $75 million in assets.

Reduce Your Taxable Income

The year a Charitable Gift Annuity is established, a portion of the annuity generates a charitable tax deduction for you. If you transfer appreciated stock to fund a gift annuity, the payments will be taxed differently than a gift annuity funded with cash.

If you would like to learn about the tax advantages, annuity rates, or any other information regarding charitable gift annuities, please contact the Foundation at 480-651-8803.

How Much Do You Qualify For?

Complete this form with as much information as possible. If you are unsure, our Philanthropic Advisor will contact you to assist.

Eighty-eight-year-old Annette recently established a $110,000 gift annuity to benefit her Catholic parish. For her age, the annuity rate is 8.4%, providing $9,240 per year for the rest of her life. And, over 80% of her annuity income is tax free!

Her personalized Catholic gift annuity is a lasting expression of her faith and will provide perpetual support for the ministries and sacramental life of her community.