Mission Support Fees

Our administrative fees, or as we like to call them, Mission Support Fees, help the Foundation to administer the programs of the Foundation that allow us to give back to the causes and missions of other Catholic institutions who strive to impact our community every day.

Without this support we would be unable to administer the Christian Service Awards and the Catholic Giving Circle granting program. The Foundation also gives back by sponsoring Catholic community events and key initiatives within the community. Visit our Newsletter page for examples of how we give back.

It is the Foundation’s goal to become increasingly efficient as time passes. The leaner we are able to be, the more we can pass on savings by reducing fees and increasing our community outpouring. An example of this is in just the past year, where the Foundation reduced its office footprint by nearly 60%! Additionally, as we experience growth, we expect to pass on even more savings as a result of economies of scale.

*Investment fee – Select from the various pools and refer to the ‘expense ratio’ to derive this fee
**Administrative fee – See below for the step-down scale, which is impacted by the fund size

Traditional Donor Advised Funds

Minimum fee: $250

Find out more about Traditional Donor Advised Funds

Fund BalanceFee %
First $500,0001.15%
Next $500,0001.10%
Next $1,000,0001.00%
Next $3,000,0000.90%
Additional over $5,000,0000.75%

No Fee Donor Advised Funds

Minimum fee: $0; no administrative fees and no banking fees!

Find out more about Fee-based Donor Advised Funds


Minimum fee: $250

Find out more about Endowments

Fund BalanceFee % - IndividualsFee % - Institutions
First $500,0001.25%1.15%
Next $500,0001.10%1.10%
Next $1,000,0001.00%0.90%
Next $3,000,0000.90%0.75%
Additional over $5,000,0000.75%0.60%

Catholic Growth Fund*

Minimum fee: $250

Fund BalanceFee % - Individuals
First $500,0001.15%
Next $500,0001.10%
Next $1,000,0000.90%
Next $3,000,0000.75%
Additional over $5,000,0000.60%

*Only available to Catholic Organizations – for investment options available, see the Investment Pools page.

Annual ‘all-in’ example of a Traditional Donor Advised Fund

Account balance: $800,000

Account Balance RangeAdministrative Fee+ Investment Fee= All-In Fee
First $500,0001.25% = $6,250 0.53% = $2,650  
Next $300,0001.10% = $3,300 0.53% = $1,590  
Total $800,000$9,550 $4,220 $13,790

*Blended fee on a $800,000 fund balance = 1.72% ($13,790 / $800,000)
**Targeted earnings on a $800,000 fund balance invested in the endowment fund = $64,000, resulting in a targeted net return of $50,210 in the above example