Resources for Parishes and Schools

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The Catholic Community Foundation partners with Diocese of Phoenix parishes, schools and charities to help them create opportunities for sustainable funding of their missions. The following are some complimentary resources and services provided by the Foundation.

Philanthropic Consultation

Foundation development staff are available to provide consultation to donors about charitable giving options. Staff also work with pastors, finance councils, parish councils and volunteers to provide education about major gifts, gift solicitation, annual giving, campaigns and planned giving.

“Life Planning Seminar”

A one-hour presentation which includes topics such as Catholic end of life issues, funeral planning, charitable giving and estate planning. Foundation staff and professional advisors, such as estate planning attorneys, volunteer their time to present these seminars as a service to the parish.

Marketing Materials

The Foundation can provide your organization with brochures, letters, bulletins, and reports about various giving opportunities.

Financial Consultation

Foundation staff and volunteers, with expertise in tax law and accounting, are available to assist pastors and organization staff.

For more information, contact Kyle Felix at 480.651.8805 or

An endowment continues to grow while earnings are distributed each year for your parish or school. It is permanent and will generate income for your organization forever.


The Catholic Community Foundation’s new Catholic Savings Fund provides a flexible short-term investment option that is superior to a bank savings account, CD or stocks and bonds.

Catholic Savings Fund