Perpetual Light Society

The Perpetual Light Society was created to honor our legacy donors who have named the Catholic Community Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or trust, retirement account, charitable gift annuity or life insurance policy.

The Foundation is grateful to acknowledge these special benefactors during their lifetimes. And, in conjunction with our mission, this special society provides an opportunity for benefactors to make their philanthropy a perpetual legacy for themselves and an example for their families. It also creates a foundation of support that makes our parishes, schools and nonprofits stronger, sustainable and better equipped to reach future generations.

If you have named the Catholic Community Foundation in your estate plan, or are considering doing so, we invite you to become a member of the Perpetual Light Society.

Please contact Kyle Felix for more information at 480.651.8805.


Anonymous (5) Susan & William Ahearn Margaret E. Allen+
Vircelle Mary Ambler+ Irene Andrie Hazel & Robert Aste+
Robert† & Roberta Ayotte JoAnn & Thomas Bailey John+ & Lydia Baroni
Marie-Claude Rubel & Edward Becker Cathleen & Pete Bergmann Mary Ann & Joseph Bielaw+
Eleanor R. Biller+ Bernice R. Birchler+ Marilyn Birkley+
Mary & Raymond Boley+ Josephine & James Bonanno Anna-America Bozdech+
Loretta A. Brand+ William Brooksbank Mary Jean & John Bublitz
Susan & Richard A Cada William+ & Anna Cahill Bernadette & Orville Cary+
Vicki L. & Perry A. Case Betty Marie Cassin Marcella F. Castle+
Drs. Maria & William Chavira Julia G. Chestna+ Msgr. Bernard G. Collins+
John J. Conte+ Harold Eugene Cote+ Clara & Cecil Crolley+
Rosemary & Alexander Cudzewicz Dr. Richard D'Ambrosio Missie D'Aunoy+
Dr. & Mrs. S. De Francesco Isobel R. Degnan+ Henry W. Desenis+
Lewis S. Dietz+ Caroline N. Dobberteen+ Reverend Monsignor Robert J. Donohoe+
Teresa & Stephen Duffy Amanda Durand Charles+ & Janelle Ederer
Cheryl & Allen Edgar Alice & Anthony Ehmann Donna Esposito
Gladys Falvey+ Ronnie Felix+ Reverend Richard Felt
Margaret W. Fitzsimmons & Frank J. Kapusta+ Monica & Edward Fletcher+ Martha A. & Edward W. Flierl+
Patricia Flynn+ Catherine Foley Allen A. Fraas+
Fred L. Fricke+ Sheila & F. Michael Geddes Anna & Dominic Gerace+
Penelope & John A. Givas+ Carol Gorzycki+ Bernice+ & Leo Hadad
Rose A. Hampton+ Reverend John J. Hanley+ John+ & Helen Pedersen Hansgen
Virginia Hebert Kay & George Helffrich+ Barbara Hernes+ & family
Margaret Hiesel Alice & Carl Hintze+ Reverend L. Pierre Hissey
Helen & Melvin Holm+ Kathryn M. & Edward C. Hosey+ Lori & Robert Hungerford
Armand Iacono+ Earl Jai+ Beverly Jarvis
Raymond J. Jasaitis+ Margaret & Donomic Jerome+ Muriel Johns+
Millicent & Richard Jude+ David Katzin Robert Keene
Anamarie Kelly+ Florence W. Kocher+ Celia M. Kolakoski+
Irene D. Kolakoski+ Joseph M. Krimple+ Pat & Don Kryzak
Felix A. Labelle+ Rose Lee Lang Lorraine M. Lang+
Reverend Gerald LaPatka Peter van Leeuwen+ Rhea & Howard Linsenmeyer+
Barbara J. Liscomb+ Patricia Long Raymond G.+ & M. Joan Loome
Harold Lorenz+ Marie Lukavics+ Bertha Linsenmeyer Lutfy+
David Michael Lynch+ Alfred Shousha, M.D.+ Reverend Monsignor Eugene Maguire+
Dennis Mahoney+ Dolores McCaskey William McCauley
Elizabeth McDonald Joseph McDonell+ Judith M. & Edward M. McDonough
Edward G. McDonough† Diane & James McGee Reverend Monsignor John J. McMahon+
Marcie & Paul Medina Catherine Meyer+ Elizabeth J. Millen+
Frances & Russ Mitchell Reverend William J. Mitchell+ Eunice & Ed Mottle+
Reverend Monsignor Richard W. Moyer Reverend Cornelius A. Moynihan+ Anna Maie Murphy+
Eileen & Edward Murray+ Francis E. Murray+ Frank+ & Kathleen Nageotte
Dr. Kris & Steve Nelson Frances D. Nutt+ Ann O'Brien
Reverend Charles O'Hern+ Donna Olsen+ Mary K. O'Malley+
Andrew Ondrei+ Alfred M. Ottele+ Charles I. Passe+
Kathleen Passey+ Helen A. Patterson+ Eleanor M. Paulin+
Elizabeth Perkins Margarite Perry+ Eileen S. Pexton+
Vriginia G. Piper+ Reverend Philip J. Poirier+ Alyce & Robert Prochnow+
Annamay & William Reilly Edith M. & John E. Reyno Erma Rogalla
Ann & Gene Roll Mary Jane Ryan+ Evelyn Samborski+
Raymond B. Scheiman+ Marjorie & Joseph Schmit+ Arthur J. Segard+
Delia K. & Samuel Seipp+ Reverend John Sharpe+ Jacqueline Simone
Don Stanton Patricia G. & Gregory K. Stark Dorothy & Emil Stein+
William Stenger Aileen P. Stocking+ Elizabeth Stone
Reverend Michael Straley Leona Swette+ Joyce & Deacon Ron TenBarge
Kathy & Tom Thieken Clara A. & Chester K. Thomas+ Anna & Keith Tigue
Thomas F. Tobin+ Wilma & Henry Tretter+ Dorothy H. Tucker+
Marianne & Kirk Tushaus Joseph A. Verhoeven+ Ann & Raymond Walling+
Reverend Tom Walsh+ Louis H. Weil+ Auvia Maria & Robert Welker+
Ann Wiederkehr+ Dorothy & Donald Wolff+ Lil & Bob Woods+
Ann Yauch+ Clarence W. Zarmbinski+

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