Catholic Savings Funds

Be a good steward with the money entrusted to you.

Open a Catholic Savings or Growth Fund which gives you easy access to funds, while receiving a guaranteed return. If you have money with a traditional bank you are missing an opportunity to bless lives.

Good Returns. Great Rewards.

Parish leadership has many decisions to make about the stewardship of parish funds.

  • How long should our money be invested?
  • Where can we invest it?
  • When will we need it?
  • How safe are the investments we are making?
  • Can we get access to our funds when we need them?

All of these questions are important considerations a pastor and finance council must make.

The Catholic Community Foundation’s new Catholic Savings Fund provides a flexible short-term investment option that is superior to a bank savings account, CD or stocks and bonds.

Your parish gets a competitive interest rate with immediate access to your funds should your investment criteria change — and, with no market fluctuations.

The Catholic Savings Fund Provides

The Catholic Savings Fund Provides:

  • Easy Access to your funds — Fully liquid.
  • A Great Rate — 1.25% Annualized rate1
  • Principal Protection — You will never lose your principal or interest earned. Even in a down market.
  • The parish remains the owner of the funds.
  • Anytime online access to your fund balance and statements.

1The rate of the Catholic Savings Fund is currently 1.25% per annum for the initial six (6) months. The fund’s rate can change quarterly thereafter.

I’m required to be a good steward of my parish’s funds. Part of that responsibility is finding safe investments, which the Catholic Savings Fund provides.

Gene Murphy, Parish Manager Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, Prescott

Fueling the Church's Mission

When your parish invests in a Catholic Saving Fund with the Catholic Community Foundation, you are creating a partnership that not only helps your parish but the entire Diocesan Church. CCF helps meet the needs of the entire Diocese and fulfill Bishop’s priorities.

Investment OptionGuaranteed RatePrincipal ProtectedInterest RateLiquidity
Catholic Savings FundYesYes1.25%Yes
Bank SavingsYesYes0.10 - .30%Yes
Bank CD (1yr, 2yr or longer)YesYes0.05 - 1.15%No
Stocks & BondsNoNoMarketYes

The rate of the Catholic Savings Fund is currently set at 1.25% per year.

Other Options

The Catholic Community Foundation provides parishes with a multitude of investments options depending on the level of risk and length of investment timeline. Contact us at 480.651.8800 to learn more.