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...many people desire to prudently plan for the issues that surround death to both ensure that their own wishes will be carried out and that their loved ones won't be faced with difficult and even painful decisions that have to be made."

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted

By attending a Legacy Planning Seminar, you will receive:

  • A 70-page comprehensive planning guide for Catholics.
  • Information from a Catholic attorney about recent changes in estate and tax law.
  • Answers about end of life care, Catholic hospice, and Christian burial. 

Feel free to invite anyone you feel would benefit from learning more about the Church's teachings on end of life issues and the basic documents of an estate plan. All attendees will receive a copy of the Foundation's Legacy Planning Guide for Catholics, an exclusive resource designed to guide you through the planning process.

"It is my hope that this Planning Guide will be helpful to you now and that its use will, at a time when we do not know, be a source of relief for our loved ones when we pass from this life into the promise of life eternal in heaven."

Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted